SIDECUT Replacement Disks F18

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Why buy an entirely new Diamond Disc when you can simply replace the worn out Diamond surface?

Easily peel the self-adhesive Diamond Disc and stick onto your Sidecut backing disc. Saving you money and allowing you to replace the diamond as needed.

To help you choose which discs you need:

SIDECUT self-adhesive Diamond Discs.

  • 120 & 200 grits are used for sharpening, removing burrs and for hardened edges. Great for getting your edges back to the angle your desire quickly without using a file.
  • 400 grit is used for sharpening and polishing. A great disc to carry in your pocket on the mountain also!
  • 600 grit is used for fine polishing.
  • 1000 grit is used when you desire an extra high polish and are concerned about hundredths of a second or really care about how the edges perform on the hardest snow surfaces.

Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards.

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