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If you have a question, there's a good chance someone else has asked it. Check below to see a list of our most frequently asked questions.  If that does not answer your question(s), there are many ways to contact us.


All inquiries will be answered in a timely matter during our regular business hours.



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1 Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
1.1 Can I be confident in the stock values on your site vs. what you actually have?

Generally, yes, but on occasion our actual stock can be different from our online availability.  In those rare cases we can either;

    1. Credit your account
    2. Provide a full Refund
    3. Special Order the product (If available)
    4. Recommend a substitution



1.2 After I purchase my sweet new gear, how long before I receive my package?

During our regular business hours, we expect a 2-3 day turnaround. In rare cases, and during the holiday season, it could be up to 5 days.  We know you are excited, I mean, who isn't excited for new gear? We promise to do everything we can to ensure the quickest possible turnaround.



1.3 Is your online store an exact replica of your physical store?

The simple answer is not yet! Over the next few months we will be working tirelessly to get every last product loaded to our online store. Please check back often, new products will be added on a daily basis.



1.4 I saw something I wanted on your site, but now it's gone. What happened?


There's a good chance that someone bought it in the meantime. If that's the case, please reach out. If the brand still has some available, we will be happy to order it in for you.  



1.5 I'm consistently seeing an "M", "W", and "JR" in a the product names. What does that mean?

Great question, and turns out these simple codes can be really helpful!

  • M = Men
  • W = Women
  • JR = Junior/Youth