My Chaos: Searching for My New Normal S18

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Loss, grief and life transitions. You have coped well before, but not now. Searching led you to this resource. Your experiences are unique, without exception. Therefore, your response to who you are now must also be unique.

The title was not chosen to be catchy or cute. It comes from thousands of interactions the author has had with people seeking support. MY recognizes that you live with this experience in the deepest part of your being. That CHAOS most often comes from variables or influences beyond your control. Searching comes from the ongoing influence of Viktor Frankl MD, who wrote "Man's Search for Meaning" in 1946. Searching also describes your ongoing journey in this process. MY personalizes and affirms your unique experience. NEW recognizes that significant experience in loss and life transitions forever changes you. You will never be the same. But, you will continue to search and find peace, find the "New Me."

Normal is said to only exist as a stage selection in your washing machine! Like your loss, your normal is as unique as you are. Your normal, your peace, your healing will only be found if you take on the search, and accept ownership.

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