K2 Line Up Undercover Black F22

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The K2 Line Up binding is a choice binding for those who want a softer flex for slotting into the barrel of their favorite white wave.

The lateral and medial flex of Line Up’s Tripod™ Chassis can be customized by changing or removing the included urethane dampers and is complemented by a flexible urethane TweakBack™ highback for ultra-smooth presses, ground tricks, and carving. The Line Up uses 3º canting to place the user in a natural and balanced riding position to anticipate terrain changes, and the Power Ramp at the toe of the binding slides to match the shape of your boot’s toebox.

Our proprietary Gap Eraser™ forward lean adjustment removes the need for a standard lock block to add forward lean and eliminates the gap between the highback and a heel cup that a “normal” cube or lean block will cause. More contact equals more response.

Thanks to our Tool-less design, the entire binding is adjustable on board and on-the-fly. The whole design is complemented by our hyper-adjustable Bender™ 3D ankle, and PerfectFit™ 2.0 toe straps featuring our bulletproof Ez Feed™ aluminum ratchets.

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