Exped Hammock Suspension Kit

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Special Slit Cord (pat.pend.) with tree friendly webbing  for hammock set up, but can also be used as a boat  or laundry line,  or a tie out rope etc. Hammocks can be hung in no time with this set up. Wrap the webbing around the tree then secure the webbing end with the short piece of Slit Cord and insert the knotted ends in to the slits, these will tighten under tension. Then run the long end of the cord through the loop of the hammock, depending on the required length of the cord, insert the knot at the end of the cord in to one of the slits. Length of webbing and Slit Cord 2 x 3 m. Load capacity up to 200 kg.

Weight: 130 g
Max load: 200 kg
Product contents: Suspension Kit
Warranty: 5 years
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