Salomon N MTN SUMMIT 12 BR Orange H100 F23

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Light and fast ski tourers rejoice, the Salomon MTN Summit 12 Brake Alpine Touring Ski Bindings build on the proven MTN Tour with an adjustable release at the heel and a new AutoFlex system with 4mm of elastic fore/aft travel, making an already great binding that much more reliable with no real weight penalty.


Toe Piece

MTN Summit Tech Toe – Patented Step-in aid, wide screw pattern


Heel Piece

MTN Summit Heel – 4mm travel, release value range 6-12

AutoFlex System – Elasticity within the binding to support the natural ski flex and further enhance safety. The system features a spring beneath the heel mechanism that automatically provides 4mm of travel between the toe and heel when trying to step in on a concave slope and during the arc of a turn. The spring adds 4mm of additional travel to the recommended 4mm adjustment gap, resulting in a total of 8mm of binding travel.

Fore/Aft Adjustment Range – 50mm


Additional Features

Stack Height – 21mm


Ski Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

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