BCA T4 Rescue Package

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A complete package of essentials for travel in avalanche terrain. The T4 Rescue Package includes the Tracker 4 Transceiver, Stealth 300 Probe and Dozer 1T Shovel. The Tracker 4 sports an intuitive display that shows you the number and proximity of buried beacons. A mark feature allows you to easily flag located signals in multiple rescue situations. The clutter-free probe is quick to deploy, and the extendable shovel packs down for stowing in your avi compartment.


  • Simple on/off switch on top is easy to use with gloves on
  • Displays distances in numerals and approximate distances in metres
  • 3 receiving antennas pinpoint signals with precision
  • LED displays the direction of a received signal
  • When on, defaults and auto-reverts to transmit mode
  • Search automatically hones in on the closest and strongest signal
  • Signal Suppression feature blocks the strongest signal for 1 minute, so you can address multiple signals
  • Big Picture Mode displays all transmitting signals in your search area with approximate distances
  • Button is easy to operate with gloves on
  • Includes a harness and holster
  • Probe tip penetrates debris easily
  • Probe markings are laser-etched for wear-resistance
  • Strong ovo-concave shovel shaft extends and is easy to grip
  • Stompable, flat blade cuts smooth pit walls and penetrates hard debris
  • Packable rectangular-section blade
  • Extended length is 76cm, collapsed length is 57cm
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