Sidecut Sidewall Removal Kit

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Sidecut Sidewall Removal Kits or Adapter Kits are designed to quickly and easily convert any Sidecut File Guide into a sidewall remover. Comes with aluminium block, stainless steel shaft, your choice of carbide cutter, allen keys & mounting screws.

Commonly used if you're travelling a lot and don't want the bulk of another tool in your kit. They also save money and used typically by those removing their sidewalls less frequently.

This is an essential tool used for the removal of the sidewalls on any ski or board. Removing the sidewall allows the file or diamond stone to sharpen at your desired angle and therefore must be used prior to side-edge sharpening. If your sidewall is not removed prior to side-edge tuning it will interfere with the file or stones ability to sharpen the edges.

Choosing your cutter:

  • The Round Standard cutter (gold) is typically used for 'sandwich' construction skis or snowboards. They are more universal than square cutters, easier to adjust and work well across the largest range of skis and boards. Recommended for those new to removing their sidewalls.
  • The Round Sharp cutter (grey) have a sharper edge than our standard cutter and therefore work amazingly well on certain brands of skis, typically harder sidewalls found typically on competitive skis and snowboards.
  • Square cutters are typically used for 'cap' construction skis however work well on all types skis/boards especially for those who are more naturally skilled with their hands. Recommended for those who desire their sidewalls to be removed a specific angle. Most versatile of all the cutters.

Square and Round cutters as well as stainless steel shafts can be purchased separately for those who desire both round and square cutters. All of which are interchangeable on all of our tools.

Used for: Race, Carving, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards. 

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