Salomon XPro 80 Women's Boot

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The X-Pro 80 W from Salomon is a great boot for intermediate to advanced skiers that have had a difficult time finding a boot that matches their foot shape. Salomon's 360 Degree Custom Shell is totally customizable. The shell is placed in an oven by a qualified ski shop, heated, and then placed on your foot. Once the shell cools around your foot it adapts the shape of your foot, for a totally dialed in and comfortable fit. The molding process is improved when it is done with an aftermarket footbed to support your arch, and to set your foot in a neutral position. The X-Pro 80 also has a 24mm Oversized Pivot that delivers power directly towards your skis by adding more torque to get wider, modern skis on edge quicker and easier. Salomon's Twinframe Construction has a strong wrap around your foot, and improves the boots sensitivity to the snow. The women's specific liner has more taper to it, to keep your feet secure, and the women's specific cuff is shorter and fuller to keep you more comfortable on the slopes. If you have had a difficult time finding boots that will be comfortable for you the Salomon X-Pro 80 W has all the ladies a buzz, and will not disappoint you.


  • 360 Degree Custom Shell
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • Twinframe Construction
  • Women's Calves Adjustment and Liner
  • Best Fits Most Feet Shapes and Medium Leg Shapes
  • An Aftermarket Footbed Improves the Molding Process, Fit and Performance
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