Rossignol HERO ELITE PLUS TI/SPX 12 K.GW Ski & Binding F19

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Designed for passionate racing fans, the HERO ELITE PLUS+ Ti is powerful, precise, and perfectly balanced, blending race-level technology with enhanced on-trail comfort. All-new Line Control Technology meets a wider 78 mm waist width and GS-inspired sidecut for optimized comfort, precision, balance. LCT eliminates counter-flexing for maximum stability and optimized trajectory through the turn for total control of your line.



  • Poplar Wood core | Titanal construction
  • Rectangular sidewall
  • Power Turn rocker
  • Line Control Technology
  • Sidecut: 130-78-110 mm
  • Weight per pair: 4.2 kg



Wood core with double Titanal shell, reinforced with Air Carbon. Perfect edge grip and extremely calm as a result.


Traditional high camber through 90% of the ski's length delivers power and edge grip for explosive snap and boost. The subtle rocker tip over the remaining 10% allows easier turn initiation easier and control.
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