HEAD JR Monster SLR 2 + SLR 4.5 AC F18

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The Monster SLR 2 is the perfect boy's ski for beginners. Since it is lightweight and easy to handle, the transition from the snow plow to the parallel turn takes place in a smooth, fluid motion. After mastering the parallel turn, it's time to explore their first attempts at carving. Special features of this ski include the optimised turn initiation, perfect control, responsiveness, and of course the eye-catching monster design.


BINDING (Included)

Designed for performance progression, the light, safe and reliable SLR 4.5 AC delivers fun and confidence to the learning curve of skiing.


TERRAIN: Allride
SKILL: Beginner
RADIUS: 8,0 @ Length 127
SIDECUT: 111 / 67 / 96 @ Length 127



  • ERA 2.0
  • Jr. Power Frame
  • E Base Black
  • Junior Rocker
  • Structured Surface


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