Giro W Sheer Helmet F15

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Plush finishing details, a perfect fit, and a feather-light weight make the Giro Sheer an ideal snow helmet for women who value performance and style. The Sheer is made using Giro's in-mold construction, which fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing EPA foam liner. Not only does this fusion process reinforce both layers, but the "exoskeleton" also allows Giro to sculpt better ventilation systems, making the Sheer lighter and cooler than traditional helmets. The helmet also boasts the company's In-Form system, which makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds--even with gloves on. An ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet provides up to 6 centimeters of adjustment, while the vertical tuning feature accommodates different goggles and head shapes for a custom fit free of gaper gap.

To improve ventilation, the helmet includes 12 Super Cool vents that pull cool, fresh air into the helmet while pushing heat and stale air out. By maximizing efficiency and optimizing vent shapes, the collective cooling power of Super Cool vents helps regulate your core temperature and keep you feeling fresh all day. And the Sheer will help keep your goggles clear with its Stack Vent goggle/helmet ventilation. The Stack Vent was developed based on research showing that the majority of the warm air that causes fogging exhausts from the center top vent of the goggle. Aligning the Stack Vent in the helmet with the center vent of your goggles helps keep them clear and fog-free while maintaining total helmet and goggle integration. The Sheer is available in two In-Form sizes--small (52 to 55.5 cm) and medium (55.5 to 59 cm)--and is compatible with all after-market TuneUps systems.

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