Garneau E-Espace 2 Step Blue Steel 2021

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The only goal of the e-Espace 2 is to bring more... More joy that is! We make it easy for you to get out more, to relax more, to have more fun with friends, to explore more places, to improve your fitness and to experience the joy of cycling. From afar it looks just like a regular bike, the battery blending seamlessly with the frame and the high torque compact 250 W mid motor giving you the assistance level you need to overcome any hills that will get in your way during your ride. Its torque sensor gives it a more natural feel and enhances your effort, making you virtually bionic. It's packed with comfort features like a suspension seat post, a comfy water-resistant saddle and lock-on ergo grips. It is also outfitted with full fender to keep the dirt away, lights to keep you visible and a cleanly integrated rack to carry all the essentials and your lunch for a picnic. It might be called an e-bike, but it's just like a regular bike with more.

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