G3 Escapist 100mm Universal Climbing Skins

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Escapist 100mm Universal is versatile and affordable custom-fit performance skin with a quick and easy set-up. This model is updated with PFC-free nylon and a new waterproofing treatment that exceeds environmental standards.


  • Trim tool included to trim the length and edges according to your skis
  • Skin savers included to maximise the life of the skins
  • Self Aligning Hands to create a strong connection with any ski shape
  • Bomber Tail Connector to make transitions fast and easy
  • Removable Rip Strip to reduce skin-to-skin adhesion and to make it easier to pull your skins apart
  • All New Non-Toxic Adhesive with a refined formula to let you do more laps and cover more terrain

Size Recommendation:

  • Short: Skis up to 175cm
  • Long: Skis up to 200cm
  • Fits ski widths up to 100mm
  • You can always choose the larger size and trim down from there with the included G3 trim tool
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