Dobson Trail Guide Book S19

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The Dobson Trail is a continuous footpath through the Albert County wilderness stretching 57.75 km from Riverview, NB to the northern boundary of Fundy National Park near Alma, NB. It is an all season trail traversing a variety of woodland terrain. It follows along brooks, crosses meadows, and travels along some older and new roads for some periods. The trail winds through soft and hardwood stands, crosses a beaver dam, touches a lake, and ascends slopes, some gradual and some steep, to reach Magnificent look-outs including Prosser Brook Ridge, the new Kent Hills power generating windmills, and the spectacular Hayward Pinnacle. The Dobson Trail meets Fundy National Park at the Old Sheapody Road and joins the Park’s Laverty Falls Trail just west of the Broad River via the Dobson Link Trail.

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