Buff Trucker Cap Sendel Black L/XL

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Boost your summer look with a fresh and cool selection of authentic Trucker caps. Look good and be seen with a cap style born in the 80s and back to stay. Pump your look and write your own history with BUFF® Trucker Collection. Designed in Barcelona by the BUFF® Design Team. Sports attitude and BUFF® spirit blend together in a collection of caps designed to add style to your day to day life. Cool truckers designed to be much more than simple accessories. California soul, bouldering culture and everlasting charm become the new territory for BUFF® legendary sports DNA. 


Trucker Collection is briging back the classic 80s look with their unique collection.

Designed for casual use. Wear it during your daily life.

Prevents overheating and improves comfort by transferring moisture vapor away from the body through the fabric.

Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available.

Built-in inner band to wick sweat and water away, to stay comfortable at anytime.

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